So what do we call Facebook Fans now? Likers?

Facebook StormtrooperI’ve been working on a post about Facebook’s F8 announcements but have been reading through the coverage. Overall I’m very excited (and slightly nervous) but I’ve run into a problem:

What do we call the people who “Liked” a Facebook Page? Likers?

Before you jump all over me that we call them people I get that but I’m not going to write my social media strategies or reports with “Number of new people who liked your page:”

I guess I’m probably just going to stick with Fans. Facebook’s own reports still refer to said people (a.k.a Likers) as Fans so I guess I will too.

Although when I’m in a juvenile mood I may say Likers sometimes :P

While I’m on the topic; in MBA school I never saw Twitter followers, Facebook Fans, RT’s, @replies, Likes or comments in any KPI reports we worked on. #justsayin

Photo credit via Balakov

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